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Obituary of the Founder of House of Kee
Mr. Kee


Peter Kee was born 1933 in Yantai, Shandong China. He passed on October 15, 2022, at the age of 90.

He arrived in Hong Kong at age 18 in search of better opportunities. He started his first career as an auto mechanic trainee. Later he saved enough money to buy his first car and started to teach driving.

Peter met Shirley through a matchmaker in 1954, they fell in love and married in 1955. William was born in 1956 and in order to support his family he became a truck driver. With more children arrived, he realized in order to create a better life for his family he need to start his own business. He was very ambitious and entrepreneurial, by 1970 he had opened several nightclubs and the first Sea Dragon restaurant in Hong Kong.


In 1974 he moved his family to Canada so his children will have better education and business opportunities. Thanks to uncle Richard, he sponsored Peter's family to move to US. He chose Puyallup to raise his family and to start his business. On July 14, 1977, the first Sea Dragon restaurant on East Main was built and opened for business. Later in 1982, the second Sea Dragon restaurant opened in South Hill which is the current House of Kee restaurant.


His favorite pastime were fishing, hunting, and trading stocks.

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